David is Awarded the Roebuck Cup

Yes, I look somewhat astonished, that is because I am!

I have just been awarded the Roebuck Cup, an award that is handed out annually to
"...those remarkable individuals who may have been involved in the starting of many film societies, kept the ideal of Cinema For All going, or supported the movement in all sorts of ways, often over many years. It was donated by Charles Roebuck, a life-long cinema enthusiast and national officer of the British Federation of Film Societies."

While it left me in a state of disbelief, I am incredibly honoured to be considered in this pantheon of Community Cinema greats and I will now have to do my damndest to live up to it!

But first I obviously have to make an arse of myself with critics Danny Leigh and Derek Malcolm and the wonderful Jaq Chell the beating heart Cinema for All!

Other Awards

We were also delighted to receive a Distinction in the award for Best Marketing and Publicity.
This means that we have won awards in every year since our inception in 2011, an incredible record.

Still...must do better!


11/24/2017 9:05pm

Aw, do not be astonished it was your hard work and passion that got you that award. Your efforts were incomparable and you deserved it.


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