<![CDATA[Hurst Village Cinema - News]]>Sat, 24 Feb 2018 01:37:00 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Elle]]>Thu, 07 Dec 2017 22:44:02 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/12/elle.html Our next film, on Thursday 14 December is the sensational Elle!
<![CDATA[Denial]]>Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:35:07 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/11/denial.html
Nice crowd came to the film Denial this afternoon and it had a fantastic score of 9.5/10!
See the stars of the film talk abut their roles in this extract from Film 2017.
<![CDATA[20th Century Women]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 21:51:59 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/11/20th-century-women.html
Twentieth Century Women scored 8.5 in our Audience Poll. You can hear an interview with the Director Mike Mills on the Curzon podcast below, the interview starts at 6 mins 45 secs.
<![CDATA[Film Society of the Year Awards 2017]]>Mon, 13 Nov 2017 22:49:33 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/11/film-society-of-the-year-awards-2017.htmlDavid is Awarded the Roebuck Cup
Yes, I look somewhat astonished, that is because I am!

I have just been awarded the Roebuck Cup, an award that is handed out annually to
"...those remarkable individuals who may have been involved in the starting of many film societies, kept the ideal of Cinema For All going, or supported the movement in all sorts of ways, often over many years. It was donated by Charles Roebuck, a life-long cinema enthusiast and national officer of the British Federation of Film Societies."

While it left me in a state of disbelief, I am incredibly honoured to be considered in this pantheon of Community Cinema greats and I will now have to do my damndest to live up to it!

But first I obviously have to make an arse of myself with critics Danny Leigh and Derek Malcolm and the wonderful Jaq Chell the beating heart Cinema for All!

Other Awards

We were also delighted to receive a Distinction in the award for Best Marketing and Publicity.
This means that we have won awards in every year since our inception in 2011, an incredible record.

Still...must do better!
<![CDATA[Roebuck Cup Citation]]>Mon, 13 Nov 2017 15:20:21 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/11/roebuck-cup-citation.htmlHere is the wonderful citation read out before the award was presented to me...I am welling up again!
Deborah Parker CEO Cinema for All
The Roebuck Cup is awarded to those remarkable individuals who are involved in the starting of many film societies, keeping the ideal of Cinema For All going, and supporting the movement in all sorts of ways, often over many years. It was donated by Charles Roebuck, a life-long cinema enthusiast and national officer of the British Federation of Film Societies. 

Names have been engraved upon the Roebuck Cup since 1979 - men and women who have given that extra something to the film society sector. 

This year’s award goes to someone who is deeply involved in today’s film society and community cinema community – known to many for his attendance at this event, year after year, his continual support of groups all over the country is and his willingness to intervene directly to give another community cinema a much needed hand, whenever it is needed. He has been running his own group for many years, bringing great cinema to his community in West Sussex. Several years ago he set up the UK Film Societies Facebook page to bring you all together to share your successes, challenges and knowledge. 

Amanda Randall of Screen St. Ives said:
‘In the last year the UK Film Societies Facebook page has provided Screen St Ives with a forum to ask questions that have led us to broaden and improve what we offer. Being able to communicate online means we can share best practice developed by experience and therefore improve the service to our audience.’

Katie Brandwood of Stanley’s Film Club said:
‘We are indebted to David for enabling us to get back on our feet after losing access to our equipment, along with our long-term venue. In a response to a plea for help on the UK Film Societies group in May 2017, David arranged for the spare projector at his own film society, the Hurst Village Cinema, to be given to us on extended loan, going out of his way to handover the projector in a matter of hours.

Paired with a screen lent by Brad Scott at Forest Row Film Society, this high spec equipment package made it possible for us to continue our screenings, minimising disruption to the momentum of our activities. It saved us precious time and resources in sourcing alternative equipment, meaning we were able to focus on rebuilding the club into its former sustainable self.’

Cinema For All’s Jaq Chell said: 
‘This year’s Roebuck Cup winner truly upholds the values of Cinema For All. His love and support of the movement goes beyond the limits of his own community, and his passion for being part of the bigger picture has impacted more individuals than I think he knows. I am utterly delighted that Cinema For All can recognise his commitment today, as he inspires us all to stay connected.’

<![CDATA[Frantz]]>Fri, 10 Nov 2017 21:32:59 GMThttp://hurstfilms.com/2/post/2017/11/frantz.html Frantz scored an excellent 9.2/10 in our Audience Poll. You can here an interesting interview with the director on the Curzon podcast below. The interview starts 17 mins into the podcast so skip to that point.